Seroquel 25 Mg

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Seroquel 25 Mg

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Ung. resincB iiigrcs. Cerse flavae, res. fJavae, picis aridae, i. e. resinae nigrse, ana 3ix, ol. olivar. lb. j. Yellow basilicon, Ung. basilicon flavum. 01. olivar. lb. j, cerae fl., resinafl., pic. Burgund. ana lb. j, tereb. comm. 3iij. Ung. RESIN.E flav^. Res. fl., cerse fl., ol. oliv. ana lb. j. Ceratum citrinum, P. L. before 1745. Res. fl. lb. ss, sevi ovin. ^iv, tereb. Arg. ^ij. Cer. citrinum, P. L. 1745. Ung. basil, fl. lb. ss, cer. fl. 5J. Cer. resin. flav^. Ung. res. fl. lb. ss, cerae fl. ^j. Cer. REsiNiE. Res. fl., cerae flavae, ol. oliv. ana lb j. Ung. resinosum. Axung. pore. lb. viij, resinae alba? lb. ij, cer. fl. lb. ij. Ung. resinje alb.e. Axung. lb. iv, resinae albae lb. ij, cer. fl. Seroquel 25 Mg Ib.j. Ointments. Seroquel 25 Mg 489 Blue oiktmext, Unction, Ung. ccBruleum. Argent, vivi ll>. j, tereb. Vcnetae 3], axung. pore. lb. iv. Ung. c.eruleum fortius. Axung. pore. lb. ij, argent, vivi lb. j, balsami sulph. sirapl. ^ss. Ung. CiERULEUM MiTius. Axung. pore. lb. iv, arg. vivi lb. j, tereb. comm. 3J. Ceratum mercuriale. Cerae fl., axung. pore, ana lb. ss, argent, vivi, pij, balsam, sulph. simp. 5J. Ung. hydrargyri fortius. Hydrarg. lb. ij, adip. suill. 5xxiij, sevi ovilli 5J. Ung. hydrargyri mitius. Ung. hydr. fort. lb. j, adip. suill. lb. ij. Ung. hydrargyri, P. E. Argent, vivi, sevi ovilli, ana lb. j, adip. pore. lb. iij. Ung. hydrargyri, P. D. Argent, vivi, adip. pore, ana lb. j. Strong mercurial ointment. Argent, vivi 61b., axungiae 121b. Weak mercurial ointment. Argent, vivi 2lb., axungiae 14lb. : alterative, 3J to 5j of the strong, rubbed into the inside of the thighs, omni nocte, in syphilis ; the weak used to kill vermin on the body. Donovan's mercurial ointment. Rub calomel with aq. potassa?, or dissolve quicksilver in nitric acid, and precipitate by adding aq. potassa?, to obtain the protoxide of quicksilver. To each drachm of this oxide add lard 5iiss, rub them together, and then heat them to al)out 300 or 350 deg. Fahr., and keep stirring them for two hours. Each oz. of lard takes up about gr. xxj of the oxide, and Seroquel 25 Mg l)ecomes of a grey colour. The exact degree of heat is of consequence ; at 212 deg. the ingredients do not unite, at 400 i\vfr. or alKJve that heat the oxide is decomposed, and red oxide or even metallic quicksilver separates. If the lard contains common salt, calomel will be formed, and the operation will not succeed. Much more powerful than the common mercurial ointnient ; it lx?ing sufficient to rub in only 5j. 2. By melting common mercurial ointment in a water bath, let-, ting it cool slowly, and separating the upper grey stratum. By rubbing the heavy residue with magnesia alba, the greater part of the quicksilver in the blue ointment will be recovered, as it was never chemically united. 3. By ex]X)smg ung. oxid. hydr. cinerci to a heat of about 300 degrees for some liours. ointment, Ung. ex nlt/uen. Ol. c mucilagini- bus lb. iij, cerae fl. lb. ss, resinse fl. lb ss, tereb. comm. jij. / 490 XIII. OILY COMPOUNDS. Ung. NUTRiTUM. Litharg. lb. ss, rub it by degrees, and alter- nately, with acetify, ol. rosati lb. j, by small portions of each until it is quite white. Ung. tripharmacum. Empl. coram, ^iv, ol. ohv. 3ij, aceti ^j ; boil together. LiNiM. TRIPHARMACUM. Empl. comm. 3iv, ol. oliv. ^ij, aceti 3j ; boil together: cooling, desiccative. Eye Seroquel 25 Mg salve, Ung. ophthalmicum. Lap. tutiae, lap. calamin. ana 5vj, plumbi usti, cam ph. ana 5ij, myrrhae, sarcocol., aloes, vitriol, albi, ana 5J5 butyri recentis 3xij, ceras albas 3ij. Ung. tuti.e, P. L. before 1745. Tutias, ppse. 5ij, lap. calam. 5j, unguenti rosacei lb. jss. Ung. tuticB^ P. Seroquel 25 Mg L. 1745. Tutias ppae. q. p. axung. viper, q. s. Ung. tutice, P. L. Seroquel 25 Mg 1788. Tutiae ppse. q. p. linim. cerae alb. q. s. Ung. zinci, Flor. zinci 3J, adip. pp. ^vj. Ung, tutidE, P. D. Tutiasppae. ^ij, ung. cerae albae ^x. Ung. oxidi zinci impuri. Tutiae ppas. 3J, linim. simp. 3V. Ung. oxidi zinci, P. D. Flor. zinc. 3JSS, ung. cerae alba? lb. j. Ung. oxidi zinci, Seroquel 25 Mg P. E. Flor. zinci 3J, linim. simp. 3VJ : used in ophthalmia. Ujjg. simplex. Axung. pore. lb. ij, aq. rosar. 3iij ; beat up together, then melt, let it settle, separate the water, beat up again
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